Zhuang Zi: l’intelligenza e la parola

La grande intelligenza abbraccia, 
la piccola discrimina;
la grande parola è luminosa,
la piccola parola è prolissa.

(Zhuang Zi, cap. II, ed. Adelphi)

Un pensiero riguardo “Zhuang Zi: l’intelligenza e la parola

  1. 大知閑閑,小知閒閒;大言炎炎,小言詹詹。其寐也魂交,其覺也形開,與接為構,日以心鬭。縵者,窖者,密者。小恐惴惴,大恐縵縵。其發若機栝,其司是非之謂也;其留如詛盟,其守勝之謂也;其殺如秋冬,以言其日消也;其溺之所為之,不可使復之也;其厭也如緘,以言其老洫也;近死之心,莫使復陽也。喜怒哀樂,慮嘆變慹,姚佚啟態;樂出虛,蒸成菌。日夜相代乎前,而莫知其所萌。已乎已乎!旦暮得此,其所由以生乎!

    The Adjustment of Controversies:…:
    Great knowledge is wide and comprehensive; small knowledge is partial and restricted. Great speech is exact and complete; small speech is (merely) so much talk. When we sleep, the soul communicates with (what is external to us); when we awake, the body is set free. Our intercourse with others then leads to various activity, and daily there is the striving of mind with mind. There are hesitancies; deep difficulties; reservations; small apprehensions causing restless distress, and great apprehensions producing endless fears. Where their utterances are like arrows from a bow, we have those who feel it their charge to pronounce what is right and what is wrong; where they are given out like the conditions of a covenant, we have those who maintain their views, determined to overcome. (The weakness of their arguments), like the decay (of things) in autumn and winter, shows the failing (of the minds of some) from day to day; or it is like their water which, once voided, cannot be gathered up again. Then their ideas seem as if fast bound with cords, showing that the mind is become like an old and dry moat, and that it is nigh to death, and cannot be restored to vigour and brightness. Joy and anger, sadness and pleasure, anticipation and regret, fickleness and fixedness, vehemence and indolence, eagerness and tardiness;– (all these moods), like music from an empty tube, or mushrooms from the warm moisture, day and night succeed to one another and come before us, and we do not know whence they sprout. Let us stop! Let us stop! Can we expect to find out suddenly how they are produced?



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